Welcome to Kanabnam View Seafood Restaurant & Fish Farm on Koh Klang Island which is the only local island located in the center of Krabi Town. With just 10 minutes on a long-tail boat ride, as soon as you step out of the boat, you will arrive at our restaurant which is right on the water! We raise ornamental fish and puffer fish. At the same time, we raise quality salt water fishes to serve it fresh on your selected menu

    We offer a true nature experience with a separate zone to welcome tourists who visit our ornamental fish farm and a zone with total of 20 tables that can serve up to 200 guests at a number of different seating areas. Peaceful environment, you can find here. Delight yourself, your family, your group and your loving ones with the very best of Southern Thai traditional cuisine. Kanabnam View Seafood Restaurant & Fish Farm offers a wide selection of fresh seafood using only the best quality and freshest ingredients locally grown and produced,
We are NOT just a restaurant but part of a natural attraction that still has its abundant natural resources along the waterfront.

    Just opposite side of our restaurant is an exquisite mangrove forest that provides us a spectacular sylvan view. Crab-eating macaques are waiting to have their photos taken over there. Different species of birds are singing their song as if they were greeting us. Whenever the tide is low, our restaurant deck will land on the ground, that is the time mudskippers and the fiddler crabs are also out to have their turn to put on a show. Krabi River is a place where you have to make a visit. Let us be your host, when you think of Krabi River.


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